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Just a Little Fantasy

Ok here goes.

I had this dream and it starts out with me walking into a room with you tied spread-eagled sideways on the bed so that your hips are towards the side and your ankles tied high up to the bedposts. You are smiling at me as I enter, and then I notice that we are not alone. There is another woman there and she tells me to sit down and I do. Then she proceeds to whipping your pussy and asking you what you like about me.

I pull my cock out of my pants and it's as hard as a rock. I start stroking it as she slaps your pussy with the whip over and over - every few lashes she slaps your clit with her hand and asks again what it is you like about me. I can't quite make out what you are saying but you keep looking at me and smiling as she lashes first the inside of your thighs then your pussy again and again.

I can see the blood rushing to the lips between your legs and little drops of your juices causing your pussy to almost glow and glisten with each strike of the whip. I am stroking my cock with real intensity and you are beginning to moan, when she stops and says to me, "What is it you want to see?”

"I want to see her cum," I reply.

"Good" she answers.

She turns back to you and says, "He wants to see you cum Allison. Do you want to see him cum too?"

"Yes" you, moan...

"Take off your pants" she orders me. I do so. "Now sit and keep stroking your cock so she can see you." she says.

I sit down on the chair in front of you stroking my cock as she turns her attention back to you. She slaps your pussy then slides a finger between your labia, I can see that it is wet with the juices from inside you, she then smiles at you and puts her finger in your mouth, you suck on her finger as I stroke my member and moan. She then smiles at me and starts lashing your pussy again, the leather fingers are now getting wet with each contact and you are beginning to moan a little louder than before. Then she slides her finger into your pussy again and this time she puts it into my mouth and I taste the warm fluid from your pussy and moan in pleasure as I continue to pump my hand up and down.

After she pulls her finger from my mouth she reaches into a satchel at her feet and pulls out a dildo she puts some lotion on the end of it and looks at you and smiles. "Are you ready?" she asks.

"Yes" you reply.

Then she slowly works the dildo into your pussy, slowly pushing it deeper and deeper while twisting it gently back and forth. When it is fully buried inside you she turns to me and says, "Don’t you wish it were you?"

"Oh yes," I answer.

She laughs softly and then slaps your clit softly. You moan and I almost cum from the sound of your pleasure. She has one hand one the artificial cock inside you slowly pumping it in and out and the other hand slapping your clit in rhythm. Your hips are starting to pump in time as you look at me and notice my hand is keeping time with the motion of your hips. Our eyes meet and you smile and throw your head back and then moan even louder.

I can feel my cock growing even harder as you look at me and I can see the juice from between your thighs starting to soak the sheets.

"Fuck," I moan.

"Yes," you moan.

I feel the muscles in my body start to tense as I see you start to cum, spraying with every pull of the dildo from your pussy.

It is too much for me to handle as I throw my head back and cum along with you...

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