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Mistress Revenge

I have always been a slave to my mistress who also happens to be my wife who I love and adore.
I obey her every command and she likes me to dress as her slut slave in silk top, tights (or stockings and suspender belt), skirt and high heels or even just silk panties and an apron to show my submission and willingness to serve and obey her as her loyal slave to be used as she pleases, when she pleases and how she please from menial tasks to serving her pleasures in any way she deems depending on her moods at the time.

Unfortunately things were not going well between my mistress and myself and I got drunk one night and lashed out at my mistress, hurting her quite badly. I was desperate to make it up to mistress in the best way I could as I felt so guilty and hurt at hurting her as I had never done that before.

My mistress had decided on a little revenge of her own and invited another slave she had been talking to on the internet over for the night, I was made to dress for the occasion and to kneel and wait as John arrived and I was introduced as the slut bitch slave. I had no idea as to what was going to happen but this is what commenced after John arrived and all the introductions were ended.
“Crawl over here and kiss my feet slut show me and our guest slave that you worship me”.

I crawled over and started to kiss mistress’s feet.

“That is what you call obedience John that is how all men should be”.

“Yes mistress” he replied.

“Now come here John and kiss your new mistress, show this pathetic slut at my feet how a woman should be obeyed”.

With that John walked over and started to kiss my mistress very passionate and she responded in the same manor, her hand wandered down to his cock, which she started to rub through his trousers.

The mistress then asked “have you ever been sucked by a man John”.

“Yes mistress I have”.

“That’s good as you are about to receive that pleasure again, because that little unworthy slut over there deserve every bit of what he is going to get from me today.

“Come here slut and remove John’s clothing bitch” while I continue to receive my pleasure”.

As I crawled over on my hands and knees mistress started kissing John very passionately again, whilst I undid his trousers and shoes then removed them, at this point I stopped.

My mistress screamed at me “DID I NOT TELL YOU TO UNDRESS HIM SLUT”.

“Yes mistress”.

“Then do so you fucking bitch and answer me in the correct manor”.

“Yes mistress I will obey you”.

“Good you fucking bitch, as you deserve to be treated in this way after what you have done”.

“Yes mistress I do and I will obey you totally”.

“Good bitch as if you don’t, you will no longer have a mistress or wife”.

As I commenced what I was commanded to do, my mistress returned to kissing her new slave. I removed his underwear and reached up to unbutton his shirt, as I did so they parted just enough for me to continue undoing the shirt but not enough to stop there passionate embrace, as I started to remove his shirt my mistress stopped kissing him and looked down.

With sheer delight in her voice my mistress said “Look at the size of that cock slut and take a real good look, as you are about to take it all in your mouth”.

I whimpered “But mistress”.

She screamed at the top of her voice “SILENCE SLUT YOU KNOW IT IS THIS OR GET OUT” causing me to cringe.

“Yes mistress I will obey you totally” I stammered.

“Good, slut you will now take it in your mouth and get it nice and hard for me to use”.

John turned and sat on the edge of the bed, while I crawled over to him and taking his cock in my hand I then placed the tip in my mouth and started to suck.

“Not very good is he mistress” John said.

“No he is not but we will change that”.

My mistress then commanded “Take more of it in your mouth slut take as much in as you can get and suck it let your tongue swirl round the bell end and let me see you enjoy it, just as you like me to do to you bitch”.

I took the cock as far in my mouth as I possible could without making myself gag and started to suck it, while trying to get my tongue round it as I had been commanded to do. As I did so I opened my eyes to look at my mistress and could see that she was sat there with a smile on her face, I could feel the cock in my mouth getting larger, I could hear john starting to moan, he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth, telling me to open my mouth wider as he was going to shove his cock all the way down my throat because a deep throat blow job was the best you could get.

“Oh yes mistress he is getting better” John said.

Mistress replied “Yes he is and I think he could be quiet good at it with more practice but doing well for his first attempt”

“Yes mistress” John replied as he continued to fuck my mouth as I sucked him off.

“Now stop slut and come here and lick my pussy I need to be a little wetter to take that big cock inside me”.

Mistress moved onto the bed and lay back with her legs spread open, as I crawled onto the bed and between mistresses legs I started to lick her lovely sweet pussy. I could tell by how wet she was that she certainly did not need any more lubricating, as she was soaking wet, it was pretty obvious watching me suck a man’s cock had made her very excited and it was only a few seconds later that mistress was moaning in pleasure as I licked kissed and sucked her pussy as John looked on.

“He is a good a very good pussy licker mistress” John said.

“Yes and he will be a very good obedient fuck slut bitch slave after i have finished with him today, for me to use any way I want to”.

“Why is that mistress” John said.

“Because of what he did to me, I will not going into details but from now on he will do everything I command, when I command it and he will be used however I want him used, won’t you my fucking bitch”.

“Yes mistress I will obey your every command”.

“Good now sit at my feet slut and watch as your mistress gets some further pleasure”.

“Come here John and lick my pussy”.

As I moved to the bottom of the bed John got between mistress’s legs and started to lick mistress’s pussy and it was not long before mistress was moaning in pleasure again.

As I watched the look of pleasure on mistress’s face, she opened her eyes and looked directly at me and smiled with a mischievous smile.

She said “Get down underneath him slut and suck his cock I want it hard for my pleasure”.

“Yes mistress I will obey”.

I lay on my back and got between his legs, remembering my instructions on sucking cock and took it deep inside my mouth I felt it grow long, hard a thick as I sucked and licked at the cock and could hear mistress moaning in pleasure as well as John while I sucked on his cock and he licked mistress’s pussy.

I then heard mistress say “get that cock inside me let me feel that cock in my pussy”.

With that I felt the cock pulled from my mouth and turned to see it disappear into mistress’s pussy and her being slowly fucked with each slow long stroke, I could see it go deeper inside of her as she moaned with pleasure and it was not long before mistress was shouting !

“I’m going to cum but don’t you dare cum slave”.

With that I could tell mistress was Cumming and orgasming at the same time by the way she was thrashing around and from the moans of pleasure that where issuing from her mouth which continued until she calmed down.

At this point my mistress instructed John to “Pull your cock out slave as I have a different use for it”.

“Have you ever fucked a man’s arse slave” mistress asked.

“Yes mistress on a few occasions” John replied.


John did as commanded and pulled his cock out, at this point my mistress got up and went to the draw that she kept some special sex toy’s in and retrieved a few items.

“Get up that bed bitch slut and on your knees face down with your arse in the air”.

I did as commanded and assumed the position I was commanded too, and then mistress came to the side of the bed and poured something cold on my arse.

“Fuck the little slut John fuck his arse and fuck him hard, no matter how much he whimper’s, beg’s and cries”.

With that John got in behind me and worked the lubricant into my arse later followed by his cock I could feel it being pushed deeper into me with each thrust; it felt huge and very painful.

“He has a nice tight ass mistress” John said.

My mistress replied “He has for now slave but not for much longer the little fucking bitch”.

With that John started to fuck me in a steady and rhythmic way.

“Does that hurt bitch, I hope it fucking does, fuck him John, fuck him hard, and shoot your spunk up the little slut’s arse”.

At that point John started to thrust harder and I heard him say to mistress “I’m going to cum mistress as his arse is so tight”.

As he did so I felt wetness enter my rectum as I felt the spunk shoot from his cock into my ass, as he collapsed over my back I felt his spasms go through his body as he leaned over me and gush after gush of spunk entered my arse, I thought at this point that he would stop but he continued to pump away at my arse until he had completely emptied all his spunk into me.

Even in the near delirium of the pain I had been put through I heard my mistress say “Get off him slave it’s my turn”.

As he rolled over off me I felt mistress climb onto the bed and turned to see that mistress had donned her double ended strap on, while she had watched me being fucked by John.

“You should be well lubricated now you fucking slut”.

She came in behind me, rubbing more lubricant on the cock as she did so.

“Now bitch take this”.

Mistress pushed hard and I felt the cock enter me it was harder than the cock that I’d just had inside me and it hurt even more, as it was pushed inside of me and I showed it on my face.

“Does that hurt bitch”.

“Yes mistress”.

“Good I want it too”.

“Yes mistress”.

As mistress worked the cock deeper into my ass she started giving me my commands for my new life as her slave the way she now wanted me to be.

“From now on you will dress how I command”.

My mistress kept up these commands as she thrust the cock harder into me.

“You will be used however I want to use you”.

“You will be given chores to do each day that you will complete without question and to my satisfaction”.

Again as she withdrew and rammed it back into me, I had tears in my eyes with the pain.

“You will always call me mistress around the house”.

As she again withdrew and rammed it back into me.

“You will always do exactly as I command you little fuck slut even if I want you to suck cock, is all that clear and I may add more to your list later”.

As she again withdrew and slammed it into me as hard as she could.

“Do I make myself totally clear you little fucking slut”.

“Yes totally clear mistress”.

“You are mine to do with as I please from now on, to use and treat however I want to and this is for hurting me you little bastard”.

Mistress almost withdrew the cock from my arse and rammed it in as hard as she could and I collapsed on the bed in agony.

As I went down I felt mistress withdraw the cock from my arse.

“That felt so good” she stated.

“It looked good to me mistress I am already hard again from watching you fuck the little sluts arse” said John.

“Good as I am feeling extremely Horney again now, with the feeling of power over my fuck slut and in need of more release”.

With that mistress undid her strap on and pulled it from her pussy

She threw it at me and said “Here slut go and clean this and return here and make sure you thoroughly clean it”.

I did as commanded and went downstairs and washed the strap on returning to the bedroom to see mistress in the doggy position with Johns cock buried deep into my mistress’s pussy and fucking her for all he was worth and mistress moaning in pleasure and in-between breaths saying;

“Does that look good slut?” she said

“This is how I should be fucked”.

She instructed “Sit there slut and suck on that rubber cock to get used to it”.

As John withdrew and pushed hard into mistress again.

“That may have been your first cock suck bitch but will not be your last bitch”.

As John withdrew and fucked her hard again.

“Mistress may I cum” John said.

“Not before me no, you may not”.

With that john slowed his pace and slowly started to fuck mistress but her moans were getting louder so I knew she was near Cumming, I continued to suck the strap on as mistress watched me suck the rubber strap on.

Mistress then shouted I’m Cumming and collapsed in pleasure as her orgasm came and she relaxed face down on the bed with John still inside her pumping away.

“You may cum now John” she said in panted breaths as i heard John moan in pleasure as he shot his spunk into my mistress.

A few moments later mistress got up from the bed and went to clean herself up.

“You will obey John’s commands as if there were my own slut and you will obey them without question”.

I removed the cock from my mouth and replied “yes mistress I will obey you”.

As she left the room John turned and said “take that cock from your mouth and get the real thing in there and clean your mistresses cum of my cock.

As I did as commanded I took his cock in my mouth and could taste the joint fluids of John’s spunk and mistress’s pussy juices as I licked and sucked his cock dry.

As mistress returned she instantly smiled at me sucking Johns cock clean and said we will have to do this again as that is so horny to see.

But that is another story.

The End

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