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Happy Hunting Pt 1

It was a cool, almost cold morning. I awoke around 4:30 am and begin adding layers of clothing on to keep me warm for the day. I loaded my gun and begin walking to my stand in total darkness. I arrived to the stand about 5:00 am and climbed up to the top and sat down to begin listening to the sounds coming from the woods around me and watch the sun rise behind the trees.

The temperature was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit with a slow breeze of about 3 miles/hr brushing across my face from right to left. I could hear the cricket’s sound coming from the grass below me and the bullfrogs in the nearby pond. Occasionally, I would hear the raccoons playing in the background as they begin to settle into their trees for the day.

As I sat there wondering what I might see that day, I was startled by a noise that I did not recognize. It was still dark and the sun was not going to rise for another 10 minutes or so. I knew the sound came from the woods and it was not too far away, maybe 50 yards or so. I grabbed my binoculars and tried to scan the woods to see what the sound could have been. It was still too dark to see and I had not heard the sound again for a couple of minutes. Just then, the same sound coming from the same direction but a little more faint. It sounded like a soft moan. To ease my nerves, I told myself that it was just an animal in the woods and when the sun came up I would be able to see it in my binoculars. When I did not hear the sound again, I calmed down and begin focusing more on the soft whistles and calls of the local song birds waking up and searching for food.

Time now is 6:50 am, temperature has risen to 45 degrees and the sun has begun to peek through the trees casting light rays down through the tree top canopy. "Uuugggghhhmmmmm" The sound it is back again! I decided I would get off of my stand and go look for it now that I had some light to see. I had a gun, flashlight, bottle of water, compass, and a small blanket in my hunting bag. I had begun to get a little chilled sitting on the stand now and thought a walk through the woods would warm me back up. I also believed that I would probably not see a deer come my way if this noise was going to be there all day. I was determined to find out what it was ...

When I got down I put my bag of gear over my left shoulder and laid my gun across my left arm while holding the butt of the gun with my right hand. I had my hunter orange vest and cap on as I walked through the woods to warn other hunters that I was a human walking on the forest floor. With each step I took, I was slow and steady not wanting to scare off whatever it was I was looking for. The leaves were crisp but still wet from the previous nights' dew that I was almost perfectly quiet walking through minus the occasional twig that cracked under the weight of my feet. I stopped every 20 steps or so to try to hear the noise again. The noise came about every 2-3 minutes now and sounded like a wounded animal.

After walking about 35 yards towards the noise, I could see something sticking out from behind the tree about 10-15 yards in front of me. The noise had stopped and had not made a sound again for the last few minutes. I picked up my binoculars and looked through towards the tree and saw what looked like a piece of fabric sticking out from the side of the tree. The tree was an old live oak tree with a trunk about 7 feet in diameter. It was probably about 120 feet tall and had branches that swooped down to the ground and back up about 6 feet off the ground. I decided to get a closer look.

I began to walk again taking one step to the left and one step forward so I would be able to see what it was before I got to it and would not be behind the tree anymore. As soon as I had a better view, I took my binoculars out and peered through the viewing glass to see more closely. I was stunned when I saw what "it" was.

Behind this tree lying on the ground face down was a woman. She had clothes on but not enough to keep her warm in this weather. I wondered had she been out here all night. Where did she come from? Is she hurt? Does she need help? So many questions went through my head and the noise had not been heard for awhile, so I wondered if she was dead or just sleeping. I walked closer to check it out for myself. As I got near the tree it appeared as if she was just sleeping. She was not bleeding that I could see and did not look to be in bad shape. She was a larger than average woman with a beautiful body from what I could see. She looked to be Hispanic or Latin. I placed my gun behind the trunk of the tree and began speaking softly to the lady in front of me. "Miss, are you okay? Hello ... miss." She was not waking to my voice, so I placed my right hand on the small of her back and repeated the same phrases. She still had not responded but I could tell she was breathing and looked like she was dreaming. I then took my blanket out of my bag and placed it on her back. I sat down under the tree branch beside her and waited to see if she would awaken.

After about 10 minutes, she rolled over onto her back and I noticed her shirt was unbuttoned and was opened. She did not have a bra on and I could barely see her dark nipples (hard, from the cold temp) poking through her shirt. Her breasts were big and beautiful and they had large areolas. As I gazed at them, I took my eyes down the rest of her body. Her pants she had on were unzipped. I noticed then too, she did not have panties on. I began to think that someone had raped her and left her to die out in the woods. I started to worry and then noticed a bra and panties lying on the ground near her head. I also noticed something else lying on the ground behind her. It looked like a piece of rubber. I walked over to it, picked it up and noticed it was a 6" long purple vibrator. The sound I had heard now started to make sense. If I was correctly thinking, it was this woman pleasuring herself in the woods and she fell asleep afterwards. Still not fully believing that theory, I started to study her body with enraging hormones pulsing through my body.

Although it was still 45 degrees outside, my dick began to engorge itself and swell to maximum size within seconds as I studied her gorgeous body. I had the urge to fuck this woman and all my inhibitions and worries had left my brain. I was no longer worried if she was okay or what she was doing out here in the cold. I knew what she had done and I wanted to taste it for myself. For all I knew, she was dreaming about a man fucking her and did not want to wake from the dream. I slowly begin to strip my layers of clothing off of my body to have a little more movement. This lady was still sleeping in front of me and had pushed her shirt off of her breasts when she had changed her position a few seconds ago. Her big breasts now were looking straight at me with their dark areolas and big brown nipples. Her pants were loose fitting and I decided to pull them down to her feet to see that tight pussy between her legs a little more closely. I still had my pants, boots, and a white t-shirt on and had noticed that the temperature had raised enough that it was cool outside but not cold anymore, maybe 50 or 55 degrees by now. My dick was pulsing so hard in my pants I knew I was going to have to remove my pants in order to relieve the pressure.

Now, I am standing in front of this woman with almost nothing on and I want to fuck her hard now!! I do not want to do it while she sleeps though, so I walk over to her face and kneel down in front of her. I placed my hand on the side of her cheek and ask her again to wake up. She still does not respond. So, with my dick still hard, and tired of trying to wake her up nicely, I take my 7.5" dick in my hand and slowly lean over her mouth. I brush the tip of my dick across her warm lips. Still nothing. I stroke the length of my dick across her mouth and still nothing happens. I can feel the warm air blowing across my shaft, coming out of her nose as she exhales, so I know she is still breathing. I am starting to think she won't wake up no matter what I do. As soon as I think that she begins to yawn and I finally get my chance. I stuck my dick inside her wide open mouth and wait till she closes her mouth slowly, praying that she does not have a jaw grinding problem. Her warm mouth soon envelopes my dick and I can feel it pulsing inside and her warm wet tongue slowly begins to move around it. I still cannot wait to taste her pussy and want to lick it right now. I turn my body with my dick in her mouth carefully so we are in a 69 position, with me on top of her face and her warm pussy lips coming closer and closer to my lips.

As I begin to place my head between her thighs I can still feel her tongue slowly licking my dick and her mouth getting more and more moist. I take my head and place it down into the valley between her dark skinned thighs and take a whiff of the aroma that is coming from her sweet, dark pussy lips. I am normally a take it slow, kind of guy but, not today. I wanted to fuck this lady hard and fast and in every hole. I also wanted to taste all of her sweet juices and I wanted it now! I dove my head down into her thighs and began stroking those dark pussy lips with my tongue with hard and long lapping strokes. I suddenly felt a hand grab my dick and squeeze hard while pulling my dick all the way down her throat. I raised my head from her pussy lips to look back and see this beautiful woman with wide brown open eyes sucking my dick like she was waiting for it.

Not wanting to waste the moment by talking I placed my head back down to her waiting pussy lips and started tongue fucking her pussy up and down and savoring every last drop of her juices that were flowing in my mouth. Her pussy was sweet and tangy and was bald as a baby’s bottom. I felt her take my dick out of her mouth and while she kept stroking it with her right hand she lifted her head off the ground to get my balls in her mouth. She was careful not to suck too hard, and it was an amazing feeling. I had to finish what I started now!!

I licked her pussy until I felt her tense up and her body began to shiver with pleasure. She came in my mouth not once, but twice as I lapped at her clit and sucked on her swollen lips like it was the last thing I was ever gonna get in my life. Although I still loved having my hard cock in her mouth I wanted to suck and finger fuck some more before I fucked her for real, so I politely raised myself off of her and told her to flip over on her stomach. She did not blink or ask why? She rolled over and got on her hands and knees as if she was reading my mind. I went around behind her to get a glimpse of her awesome ass waiting for me.

Still not knowing anything about her, I begin to get bold and started talking dirty to her. I was saying things like "You want my dick, you slut?” “You're a dirty little whore who needs to be fucked hard! Don’t you?” “You gonna suck my dick if I tell you too?” etc, etc. After a few questions, she opened her mouth and said "I want you to treat me like a dirty slut and fuck me anyway you like. I will do whatever you say!" Stunned, I took a deep breath and not wanting to give her a chance to change her mind, I said, "Well, you slutty cunt, I am gonna fuck your brains out and cum all inside of you!" She did not say anything but "yes, master!!"

I went to her ass now and spread her cheeks apart and took a long good look at her puckered ass. I took my finger and lubed it up with her juices that were still glistening in the sunlight on her raw, swollen wet pussy. I took my finger and pushed it into her ass all the way. I begin stroking it in and out of her ass until it started to stretch a little bit. I removed my finger and replaced it with my tongue. I rolled the tip of my tongue around her anus a few times and then begin stroking her ass with my tongue just as I had done with her pussy a few minutes ago.

After a couple of minutes, I begin taking long strokes from the top of her dark pussy lips near her clit all the way around to the top of her ass. My dick was still pulsing and I was almost ready to fuck now. I still had not touched her breasts and had to at least suck on them before I mounted this beautiful cunt! I crawled underneath her hanging breasts and placed my dick in front of her mouth. I told her to suck my dick all the way down her throat until she gags while I suck on your tits. She obeyed and begins sucking my dick to the hilt of her throat, without gagging. I told her I would bite her nipples if she did not obey. She still just said, "Yesth, mastherr!” with my dick still in her mouth. Her tits were better than I expected. They were big like I like, but very soft and warm to the touch. I sucked on one then the other repeatedly while kneading them like dough in my hands.

After a few minutes of this, I told her to take my dick out of her mouth so I could fuck her. Again, she obeyed. I crawled back out from under her and went back to her puckered ass that was waiting for me. I knelt down behind her and begin to push my throbbing cock against her anus. At first, it did not seem to want to go in, but after a little more pushing I popped the head of my dick inside her willing ass and begin to push in the rest with slow nudges. My cock fully expanded now is about 7.5 inches long and almost 1.75 inches in diameter. I did not actually want to hurt her too badly by pushing in too fast so I let her pull me in until my balls were resting against her pussy.

Now, I can feel all the warmth envelope my cock and I am ready to fuck her ass hard now. I placed one hand on her ass cheek and the other underneath her body to grab a hold of one of her breasts. I then begin to stroke my cock almost all the way out and thrust back in to her hard in long, deep strokes. I kept this going for about 3 minutes and then begin fucking her harder and harder and getting faster with each stroke. She had begun moaning now and I recognized it as being the familiar sound I had first heard early that morning. I told her I was going to cum in her ass and when I was finished inside of her ass I still had two more holes to fill before I would be finished with her. She just shook her head and again said, "Yes, master."

I could feel my balls swelling with anticipation with each stroke I made in and out of her ass as they slapped her wet, pussy. I could no longer hold out and as I felt the cum filling up my shaft and squirting out of the tip of my dick. I squeezed her breast with my left hand and grabbed her shoulder with my other to make sure I got maximum insertion inside of her ass.

As, I finished cumming, I pulled my dick out of her ass slowly until the head popped out as well. Still horny as hell, and still hard looking at her beautiful body. I told her to come sit on my dick so I can see your tits bouncing up and down in my face while your pussy grinds my dick. She obeyed and began riding up and down the length of my shaft grinding her ass into my thighs with every stroke. She was biting her bottom lip and grabbing at my chest with her hands. I could see my dick going in and out of her sweet and tangy pussy and was ready to cum again within minutes. I thrust up against one of her downward strokes with my hips and held her in place while my cum filled up her pussy.

I was thinking to myself that I was probably not going to get off again for awhile, but I still had to fuck her mouth and did not want to waste a golden opportunity like this. I told her to suck my dick again and lick her juices off of it. I was standing in front of her face now and she begins stroking my cock up and down with her tongue while kneeling on the ground. I told her she was free to do whatever she wanted now. She removed her tongue from my shaft and slowly begins to stroke my ass with her tongue while stroking my cock with her right hand and fondling my balls with her left. She said “I want you to cum again in my mouth.” I was shocked that I was still hard and felt as though I had not ever gotten off yet. I let her stroke my ass and dick for a few more minutes and then she stuffed my dick down her throat again. She had a suction like the strongest vacuum cleaner and left my dick wanting to cum again. When she place her hand on my balls and cupped them in the palm of her hand, she took her index finger and begins pushing it against my ass. Never having felt this wonderful sensation, I grabbed the back of her head and held it in place as the never-ending cum came in a wave and I could see her swallowing it all!

After I had put my clothes back on and she had hers on, I fell asleep in her arms on the blanket I had first given to her when I found her. I was fast asleep within minutes and begin dreaming of this lady in my arms and how I would fuck her when I woke up ...

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