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Charlie and Sammie Pt1

Well, I have to tell you I’m still coming down after that weekend. Un-fucking-believable and so hot I just have to tell someone. Not anyone I know of course…which leaves you guys.

I always thought these sorts of stories were bullshit, but man, now I know better. Let me start with the background stuff. I’m 47 and no longer the primo young stud I was. But still, I’m not fat, I exercise a lot and I watch what I eat. I own a place way up the coast close to the Great Barrier Reef. We used it as a holiday place when the kids were younger and loved the apartment and the boat moored close by. If you haven’t seen the Barrier Reef up close you gotta do it people! Anyway, I took off up there for a month over summer to settle my head down after the divorce and just chill a little.

I’m out getting groceries when the phone rings and its Sammie, our old babysitter. She’s in her gap year before starting Uni and as it turns out, is coming up to work on one of the resort islands for the summer season. Could her and her pal Charlie crash with me before they had to sign on? Just a couple of days, we won’t be any bother, they’re broke and wanting to save the money. Well, it’s no odds to me and a little company would be fine.

I duly pick them up from the airport. Wow. Sam had always been a good-looking girl, but Charlie was something else. Brunette hair with a wind-swept look to her shoulders, about 5’10”, perfect tits and an ass to die for. I bundled them into the car and off we set. As it turned they couldn’t sign on for 3 days, was that alright? No worries. ‘Actually,’ I said, ‘if you’d like to we can take the boat out and ‘camp’ for a day or two and take a look at one of the islands. You know, if you’re up for it’. ‘Oh my God, could we! Wow yes.’ The girls were ecstatic.

We spent the rest of the day provisioning the boat, checking the forecast and generally getting ready. Bright and early the next morning we headed out. The weather was perfect and promised to be excellent for the next week or so. The girls looked fabulous in the shorts and skimpy bikini tops and it was all I could do to not stare too obviously. The first thing they did was grab a beer and sprawl down the back behind me to catch some sun. I told them to go up on the bow deck and check out the lounges if they wanted to tan up a bit. That was a great idea they thought, and as they headed up front, Sam touched my arm and said ‘thanks, we really appreciate this.’ Sweet girl.

Anyways, about an hour later they came back down. Both had taken off their tops and were just in their bottoms. ‘You cool with this?’ Charlie said. ‘Jesus, are you kidding,’ I said, ‘It’s kind of the uniform up here anywhere. In fact, most boats nude up as soon as they’re out beyond the break… so you’re late.’

Smiling, they just headed to the back lounges. As she went past, Sam turned to me and said, ‘You’ll burn, let me put some lotion on you while you drive.’ And with that she proceeded to rub my chest and shoulders with sunscreen. I was initially frozen with embarrassment, but just thought ‘fuck it, go with the flow.’ I have to tell you it was real hard to concentrate as I glimpsed her breasts bobbing with the exertion of rubbing me down. Small nips on small light brown aureole and perky little B cups. I got instant wood and it was only the strength of my board shorts that kept me from complete humiliation.

We arrived at our destination, a small island with a beautiful bay cutting into the bush and high escarpments above. It’s calm this side of the island and a perfect place for an overnight anchorage. As soon as the boat was ready, I grabbed a beer and headed back with the girls. They were a couple of beers ahead of me now and real relaxed. We talked for a couple of minutes and I suggested we get the fish trap over the side if we wanted to eat tonight, so come on gimme a hand.

‘Well, if I’m going in, I’m gonna do it in style,’ said Sammie and promptly whipped off her bikini bottoms. I looked at her in awe and just blurted out ‘That is fucking amazing. Oh my god!’ She just grinned impishly. Charlie did the same and spontaneously grabbed Sammie and posed for me. ‘Whaddya reckon? Laughed Charlie. “Oh my fucking Christ’ I said reverently. They both had beautiful B-C cup breasts and well-toned bodies. Charlie had a neatly trimmed bush that came to a V just above her pussy lips. Her labia was puffy and her lips hung out by at least a centimetre. Sam was no slouch either. Freshly shaved pussy and just gorgeous. ‘C’mon nude up!’ said Charlie. And with that Sammie reached over undid my laces and pull the boardies off. My cock was at half-mast, ready to join the pole club. For the record, I’m about 7 inches when fully erect and about a 5” diameter.

‘Ha!’ They just laughed and jumped over the back. I manhandled the fish trap over the side, lowered it down to one of the girls and then jumped in myself. My God, you can’t beat that Queensland water. Warm as a cool bath and just glorious. We all set the trap, taking turns to dive deep and then swam back to the surface. It’s pretty tiring stuff so we all climbed up the ladder. Me waiting until last of course as each girl slowly swung her arse out of the water and climbed, spreading her legs as wide as possible. ‘Girls,’ I said, ‘I am in absolute heaven and those are the two most perfect pussies I have ever seen. Congratulations, you have my respect’, I said in an awed voice.

I climbed out and one of the girls handed me a towel. I dried off and Charlie came back with cold beer for me. I sprawled back on the seat and Charlie looked at me and said, ‘Do you mind if I just help myself?’ ‘Go right ahead,’ I said, thinking ‘huh? The boat’s yours honey, you don’t have to ask me for anything.’ She put down her beer, carefully folded up a towel and then kneeled beside me. She took a last look at my surprised face and than laughed as she gently enveloped my soft cock in her mouth. Sammie laughed and reached over to click beers with me. And I lay back to enjoy my blowjob.

After a minute or two I looked over at Sammie. Her nipples were as hard as little pebbles and her flushed face told me what she was thinking. I beckoned her over and told her to hoist one leg over my shoulder. She carefully positioned her pussy above my mouth and I reached up to tongue that quivering moistness. I could taste the salt water and her honey-like juices. She was wet fit to bust and I forced my tongue into as much of her pussy as I could. In between the sensations of Charlie sucking my cock and the smooth arse and flowing juices of Sammie I was lost in a world of pleasure.

‘We had better get more comfortable here guys,’ I said and we interrupted ourselves to spread lounges and towels on the deck. I lay back with my dick as hard as a rock and this time Sammie went down on me. She was wanking me at the same time as sucking me and I said ‘Jesus girl, keep on doing it like that and I will seriously blow my load way too early.’ Charlie was astride my face and she looked down and said, ‘You’ll just have to find other things to do while you recover.’

I grinned and drove my tongue into her wet pussy. I have to confess I like a shaved pussy but I love a neatly trimmed one. And Charlie’s was gorgeous. Thick lips and a readily open hole. Her clit stuck out like a tiny thumb and she quivered each time I licked at it. I reached around behind her and massaged her arse as I licked at her lips and clit. Sam was really going to town on my cock and I could feel my orgasm build. Second before I climaxed I stuck my finger into Charlie’s arsehole and rimmed her as I concentrated fully on her clit. I could feel the spurts of cum shoot up my shaft and Sammie stopped moving her mouth as she held my twitching cock inside it.

Charlie was about to cum and I concentrated on her clit and her arsehole, moving my tongue as fast as I could and trying to match her bucking hips with my mouth. At last she shuddered and called out, ‘Fuck, fuck, fuuuuccckkkk’. ‘Oh God,’ she said, calming her body, but still shuddering involuntarily as her orgasm died down. She moved off me stiffly and lay down beside on the lounge. ‘Oh my fucking Christ,’ she said. ‘I haven’t cum that hard for a long time.’

Meanwhile Sammie still had my cock in her mouth, she looked up at me and grinned as she went back to squeezing every last drop out on to her tongue. ‘My turn now,’ she said and swatted me to move me aside. She lay down on the lounge and put a towel under the small of her back. I rose to my knees and went to work. And what work it was! I slowly licked her wet cunt up and down, gently burrowing my tongue in and pulling out to lick her clit.

She deserved as much as I could give so I concentrated as hard as I could on following her body, trying to react to each quiver, each sigh of satisfaction, each push back she gave me. She was moaning in complete bliss and I took a quick break to rest my tongue, using my thumb on her clit. Charlie had cradled Sammie’s head in her lap and was gently kneading Sammie’s breasts. Scooping them up, push them down, stroking her nipples and playing with them like jellies on a plate.

I went back to Sammie’s pussy with my tongue. It had been about 15 minutes now since my orgasm and I could feel myself get hard again. I lifted Sammie’s right leg and placed it gently over my shoulder. I pushed my finger into her arse as I licked her clit and she relaxed her body into it instantly. My tongue moved in the same rhythm as my finger fucking her arsehole. It was just bliss lying there in the warm sun and all of us moaned at exactly the same time. We all cracked up at the shared pleasure. Sammie raised her head at the break and said ‘Do me in the arse. I want your cock in my arse’. I grinned. In 20 years of marriage I’d not fucked anyone in the arse, and this was something I absolutely wanted to try. I could feel my cock instantly get rock hard, the kind of hardness that only occasionally happens, and only when you’re super turned on.

I told Charlie to go and get the olive oil, and then placed Sammie on her knees; her beautiful breasts hanging down and her puckered hole pointing up towards me. While Charlie rooted around looking for the oil, I pushed my first finger deep into Sammie’s hole, then two fingers, rimming and stretching her anus. Charlie came back with the oil and poured a little on to her hand and then rubbed it onto my cock, massaging the oil in and getting me hard again. I pulled Sammie’s cheeks apart and told Charlie to pour a little into Sammie. I stood up and mounted her, pushing the head of my cock slowly into Sammie’s waiting arse. She pushed back against me, moaning a little at the pain, but pushing none-the-less. It took a couple of minutes and Charlie had to pour a little more oil on to my cock and into Sammie’s arse but finally I had at least 4 inches deep inside her.

‘Okay’, I said, ‘here’s what we gotta do. I want Charlie to lick and suck my balls while I’m fucking you Sammie, so I’m going to roll on to my back and you reverse cowgirl me.’ After a little manoeuvring and lots of laughing, we did it. I was on my back, Sammie had my full 7 inches deep inside her rectum, I hoisted her legs with my arms and Charlie knelt between us doing her best to lick and eat my balls. We relaxed completely into the rhythm. I could feel the tightness of Sammie’s arse as I rocked back and forth, in and out of her. Sammie was simply moaning and massaging her own breasts, turning her head from side to side. And then her moaning changed. I shifted my head and I could see Charlie’s head further up, nestled now between Sammie’s thighs, eating her out with her eyes closed and her mouth clamped on Sammie.

Sammie was pick up the pace now, bucking a little and positively screaming out incoherent moans. ‘God, fuck me, oh Christ, fuck that feels fucking, fucking amazing. Oh God, oh shit here it comes.’ She was moving like a bronco now, slamming on to my cock, almost crying, banging her head from side to side. It was all I could do to hold her in place, and I could see Charlie was doing her best to stay with it too. ‘Oh FUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKK, fuck, fuck,’ she finally cried, her body racking and shuddering for what seemed like minutes.

She rolled off me like a drunken woman. Her hair completely dishevelled and a glazed out of it look in her eyes. She lay on the deck, panting. Charlie and I looked at each other. ‘Jesus’, I said, ‘now that was an orgasm.’ Impressed, I was. ‘You… have…. No… fucking…idea…’ she said. And then she looked up at us a grinned.

I hadn’t cum. I looked at Sammie and said ‘Sorry girl, that arse has got to take one final bit of punishment.’ Sammie giggled like a drunk and climbed to her knees, presenting her perfect arse for me. I mounted her easily and slowly built in to a rhythm, feeling the intense heat, the tightness and enjoying the visuals of my hard cock going in and out of her anal canal. With a moan and a roar, I banged furiously and finally let go my load deep in her arse and collapsed on the deck.

Sammie simply lay where she dropped. I was shattered. And Charlie was leaning against the back seat with a beer in her hand and her other hand between her legs. She looked at me and said ‘I hope we brought a shit load of food, because you are going to need every ounce of energy we can get into you, you poor, poor bastard’.

Dear God, it was only one in the afternoon of the first day. I smiled and drifted into an exhausted sleep.

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